Arizona Mountain Flying Safety Course

Arizona Mountain Flying Safety Course

Are you a newly certificated pilot with minimal mountain flying experience? Perhaps you recently moved to Arizona from the "flat lands." You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to receive the proper training before flying the unforgiving terrain of northern Arizona.

Note: Jim is currently not offering the flight portion of the Arizona Mountain Flying Safety Course. The ground training portion is available via Zoom.

Ground Training Includes

  • Review of weather theory, reports, and forecasts related to mountain flying
  • A closer look at density altitude
  • Human factors
  • Aircraft performance (and the lack thereof)
  • Mixture leaning procedures
  • Avoiding controlled flight into terrain (CFIT)
    ...and much more!

Note: This is not a traditional mountain flying course for operations in and out of short dirt strips and/or canyon flying. This course is designed to teach principles and techniques specific to high-altitude Arizona airports.

    $250 (may be split with other pilots)

    Contact Jim to schedule your course at a time that is convenient for you.