A note from Jim
Thank you for considering me as your flight instructor. You may be accustomed to determining instructor cost based solely on hourly rate. In reality, an instructor’s hourly rate is just one factor. I have set my rates with a focus on total value, not hourly cost. My 21+ years of flight training experience and unique teaching style give me the ability to help you achieve your training goals in less time, with greater quality, and a higher level of satisfaction than less-experienced instructors. I offer several scheduling / billing options (explained below) to provide the greatest flexibility. Whether you live across town or across the country, I hope to have the opportunity to train with you soon.
 - Jim Pitman

Live Online Training: $80 for first hour and $50/hr for each additional hour
This rate applies to online training sessions conducted with Jim via live web conference. Session times typically range from 30 minutes to 2 hours and lesson content is tailored for your individual needs. All times are calculated and billed to 1/10th of an hour.

In-Person Training: $80/hr
This rate applies to in-person ground and flight training that occurs in a session that is less than 3 hours total duration and conducted at DVT, GEU, SDL or 18AZ airports. With this rate, Jim only charges for time he is actually teaching and evaluating (airplane flight time + ground instruction and briefing time). All times are calculated and billed to 1/10th of an hour.

Half-Day Rate: $300
This rate applies to in-person training sessions and ferry flights that require Jim to travel to locations other than DVT, GEU, SDL and 18AZ and sessions that are 3 to 6 hours in duration. 1 hour of travel time is included at no cost.

Full-Day Rate: $600
This rate applies to in-person training sessions and ferry flights that are more than 6 hours in duration. 1 hour of travel time is included at no cost.

Angel Flights
There is no charge for Jim’s time when conducting Angel Flight missions together. If you have an airplane and are willing to donate your time and fuel, please Contact Jim to discuss this further. If you desire to receive flight instruction from Jim during the legs that you are not carrying Angel Flight passengers, the normal rates listed above will apply for that training.

Travel Expenses
For training outside the Phoenix-metro area, all of Jim’s travel related expenses are the responsibility of the client. This includes airfare, hotels, food, and ground transportation.

Credits and Discounts for Airplane Checkouts
Jim provides training credits and discounts if you are required to pay for him to complete an insurance checkout and/or type rating in your airplane. Please Contact Jim to discuss your specific situation.

Note: There is an additional 3% processing fee when paying with a debit or credit card.