Jim was an extraordinary instructor for me. He's a very safe pilot and keeps your mind on the ball in and out of the cockpit. Jim is very comfortable to fly and learn with and I really like the techniques he uses for remembering certain tools to be safe with your aircraft. I’m glad that I had the chance to fly with such a great pilot.

Colten B., Incline Village, NV

As an older pilot stepping into new technology, I appreciated how Jim brought structured training to the process.  He is strict on checklist usage and utilized various structured methods to make you safe while improving your skill set. I highly recommend Jim for anyone stepping in as a new pilot and for experienced pilots who are moving to new technology.  Jim is an expert on the G1000 and improves yours abilities as a pilot every lesson.

Bob A., Phoenix, AZ

It has been a pleasure working with Jim on my G1000 transition along with my instrument recurrent training. Most flight instructors are only interested in building time, then go somewhere else. Jim enjoys instructing and has expert knowledge that is missing in so many flight instructors today. I also value our giving back by helping people when we do Angel Flights together.

Jim G., McCall, ID

I enjoyed my flight training with Jim. He has tremendous knowledge of the G1000 system and was able to shorten my learning curve from years of flying the round gauges to the glass cockpit. He made the flight training fun.

Ricky R., Cornelius, NC