Administrative Services

FAA Administrative Services

Jim is currently authorized to perform the FAA administrative services listed below.

Please contact Jim to discuss the requirements for your specific situation.

Price Per Application
FAA private pilot certificate based on foreign pilot license (see more information below)
Convert Canadian pilot license to equivalent FAA pilot certificate
Military competence (Mil-Comp): New FAA certificate, add type rating, or CFI renewal
Military competence (Mil-Comp): CFI Reinstatement
Add SIC type rating to Private or Commercial *
Remove a type rating PIC limitation (Private or Commercial only)
CFI renewal based on FIRC completion
Ground instructor certificate (Basic, Advanced, and/or Instrument)

* Application for the SIC type rating must be accomplished with a face-to-face meeting as required by 14 CFR 61.55(d)(6).

Most other meetings can be conducted via Zoom.

Payment with a debit card, credit card, PayPal, or Venmo is due at the beginning of your meeting with Jim.

Please contact Jim to discuss the requirements for your specific situation.

Foreign Pilot Process

You may be issued an FAA private pilot certificate that is based on your foreign pilot license as long as you meet the requirements of 14 CFR 61.75.

Here is the basic process:

  • The first step is to obtain your FAA verification letter:
    • Register for a free account at (you will need this username and password when you meet with Jim)
    • Click the button in the middle of the Console page that says "Start Foreign License Verification Process"
    • When asked to Select a FSDO, choose "AZ - SCOTTSDALE FSDO WP07 / SDL FSDO" from the dropdown menu
    • Once your TSA security check is complete, the FAA will email you your verification letter. You will need to email that to Jim.
  • Jim is authorized to issue an FAA private pilot certificate for the category/class(es) you currently hold. This may include helicopter, airplane single-engine, and/or airplane multiengine, as long as your verification letter shows that you are not expired.
  • As an option, you can also add instrument privileges to your FAA private pilot certificate (if you have that on your foreign license), but you must first pass the Instrument Rating Foreign Pilot (IFP) knowledge test at an approved FAA testing center (see:
  • Jim will conduct the required meeting with you via Zoom.
  • The fee listed above is due at the time you meet with Jim and can be paid with a debit card, credit card, PayPal, or Venmo. You may need to work with your bank or credit card company to ensure your debit/credit card can be used in the US.
  • Jim will also need a photo of your passport, foreign pilot license/medical, and a document that shows your current residential address.
  • Once Jim has all of your needed documents, he will email you a link to schedule the Zoom meeting.
  • Jim will email you your temporary FAA private pilot certificate at the end of your Zoom meeting.
  • The FAA will mail you your plastic private pilot certificate in 2 to 3 months.

Please contact Jim with any questions.

Military Pilots

Click HERE for an easy-to-share PDF with more information.

Please contact Jim with any questions.