Instrument Proficiency Training – old

Instrument Proficiency Training

If you're feeling rusty on your instrument flying and need to get current, Jim will develop a customized lesson plan to help you get back on track.

  • This training is for both non-current instrument pilots who want to get current and proficient/current instrument pilots who want to increase proficiency and improve confidence
  • Ground training is available in person or via live web conference
  • Flight training is available in your airplane at your home airport

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Instrument Ground Training Topics

Jim will customize your ground training into one or more sessions (in person and/or online via web conference). Please select your desired topics from the list below.

  • Single-pilot resource management
  • Risk management and decision making
  • IFR regulations (FAA)
  • Basic weather theory
  • Aviation weather services
  • IFR weather flying
  • Flight planning basics
  • Flight planning details
  • Air traffic control clearances and procedures
  • DPs, SIDs, and STARs
  • Approach plate basics
  • Approach plate details
  • Precision approaches
  • Non-precision approaches
  • Enroute chart basics
  • Enroute chart details
  • Intercepting and tracking using VOR, GPS, HSI, and bearing pointer
  • Overview of holding patterns
  • How to draw non-published holds
  • Holding pattern entries
  • DME arcs
  • Introduction to GPS
  • Advanced GPS for IFR
  • WAAS for instrument pilots
  • Equipment malfunctions and emergency procedures
  • Tips and tricks for using a bearing pointer / RMI
  • Transitioning from a VOR receiver to an HSI
  • Transitioning from round gauge instruments to a glass cockpit
  • Transitioning from a glass cockpit to round gauge instruments

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