Jim is my Flight Instructor, my Pilot, and a friend. Jim is very accomplished in his flight training ability not to mention a very competent pilot. Jim was patient with me and understanding and yet very good at making me feel confident to perform any requirement needed to pilot the plane. His focus and detail was and is an example of what a pilot should aspire to be. He also was a great resource for flying the plane to and from any destination. Jim's ability is evident from the first time you meet him. My recommendation is that you try Jim before you go anywhere else. You won't be sorry!

Dave C., Scottsdale, AZ

Unlike the other CFI’s I have had, Jim is not trying to fast track a career to the airlines. As a result he takes a very vested interest in your training, he is very thorough, very knowledgeable and unlike those who say they “train to a higher level,” with his many years of instructing experience, Jim really does. I also like how Jim uses a very professional syllabus, yet tailors it to accurately fit your aviation ambitions, whatever that may be.

Mike R., Phoenix, AZ

Jim is an extremely knowledgeable and passionate pilot. He is very thorough and instills confidence in his students which enhances the learning experience.

Bill P., Mesa, AZ

Jim is a very knowledgeable pilot and excellent instructor. When I have flown with him for training purposes Jim is concise in his instruction. He packs a lot of training into a brief amount of time. I find working with Jim enjoyable in addition to being helpful. He’s a great pilot too.

Terry J., Scottsdale, AZ